Kababayan SIM

Kababayan SIM is the only Filipino SIM in the Marianas and has the same pricing as the regular IT&E SIM, the only distinctive feature of this SIM is the exclusive special call rate to Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) numbers to the Philippines.

Globe Telecom is the 2nd largest telecommunications company in the Philippines.  They own Touch Mobile (TM), a telecom that caters to the C&D market in the Philippines.

When using the GK sim, calls to Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) numbers to the Philippines is only $0.22 (22 cents).

Customer will not be charged the $0.20 airtime rate when calling a Globe/TM mobile number.

Regular Long Distance rate on IT&E prepaid is $0.62 per minute, not including airtime rate.

Text message to PI is still $0.06 per sent text.

Just follow the normal GSM dialing process, no special dialing required:

011-Country Code Globe or TM number

e.g. 0116391712345678

When a Globe/TM number calls a Kababayan SIM number they will be charged P5 Pesos per minute.

Regular rate from Philippines to CNMI is P45 pesos per minute.

There is a special dialing instructions Globe/TM prepaid subscribers must dial:

Special Prefix (12801) + Country Code (1) + Area Code (670) + IT&E Kababayan SIM number (789-1234)

e.g. 12801-1-670-7891234

Yes. They will be charged the regular long distance rate when calling the CNMI.

Regular rate from PI to CNMI is P45 pesos per minute.

Text message is 50 centavos on a Globe/TM number to CNMI.

For more inquiry on ITXT advise your friends/relatives to simply text:

ITXT help and send to 8888 from their Globe prepaid SIM.

The IT&E SIM and Kababayan SIM look exactly the same, the only difference is there is a blue dot (sticker) on the Kababayan SIM.

The IT&E Kababayan SIM is $19.95 with FREE $10 load.

You can purchase any IT&E Wireless Cell card to reload.

Yes, except for calls to Globe and TM numbers.

No airtime charge when you use IT&E's Prepaid LD card to make Long Distance calls.

Same rates will apply. Voice call is still FREE, however you will be charged the Long Distance charge to Globe or TM numbers ($0.22 per minute). Any other calls to the Philippines will be charged the regular Long Distance rate of $0.62 per minute.

SMS to IT&E number using a Globe our Touch Mobile prepaid number will be as low as 50 centavos.

Please advise your families in the Philippines to follow these steps to inquire the exclusive rate.

ITXT Help send to 8888, (e.g. ITXT Help)

IT&E Kababayan SIM are available at IT&E's Wireless Express Center and Chalan Laulau office at this time.

IT&E Kababayan SIM coming to retail stores soon.



No. IT&E does not have Prepaid roaming agreements with any Philippines carriers.

No. IT&E is offering Kababayan rate on prepaid GSM only at this time. IT&E does not in-port prepaid numbers at this time.

Yes. IT&E considers Guam as part of its home coverage.

When in Guam calling to a Globe/TM number you will be charged $0.22 per minute.

All IT&E Prepaid SIM cards expire 90 days after last use, this includes IT&E's Kababayan SIM.

No. You can use the IT&E Prepaid Wireless Card, which comes in denomination of $5, $10 and $20.