IT&E Cellular Network Expansion Begins October 7, 2015

IT&E confirms that it has started the installation of their Cellular Network Expansion in the CNMI. Both more 4G capacity and new LTE equipment are presently being installed at the first cellular site locations around the islands.

IT&E contractors installing equipment at a cellular site. Contributed photo IT&E's contractor, IT&E crews and IT&E's technology partner, Ericsson will continue to work together throughout the next few months to complete the installation work by early 2016.

IT&E will install this capacity in neighboring sites to insure the maximum benefit to its customers as these sites are activated.

"Customer demand in the CNMI for our new 4G service is causing us to double the capacity of this almost new network," said John M. Compton, IT&E chief operating officer.

"As the same time, IT&E is excited to be the first to bring LTE service to the islands. LTE will provide our customers both with more data capacity and with significantly increased data speeds. IT&E is committed to providing all of our customers with the highest quality service and this new wireless network expansion will insure that we are meeting this commitment here in the CNMI," he added.

"We are very pleased that we were able to start this installation work on time and we fully expect to complete it on time."