Prepaid Information

How to set up your device for 4G data

  • In the App Menu select Settings.
  • Under Wireless & Networks select MORE.
  • Select Mobile Networks
  • Select Access Point Names
  • Press Menu Button & select New APN
  • Enter the following:
    • Name: ITE
    • APN:
  • Press Menu Button & select SAVE
  • Restart Phone

Checking your Balance

  • Enter *87 and press send
  • Follow voice prompts
  • Press End to end the transaction.

To Add Load via CALL

  • Dial *333 and press send
  • Enter authorization code (scratch number)
  • Press #
  • Current balance will be announced.
  • Press End to end the transaction.

To Add Load via TEXT

  • Text LOAD < scratch number > to 2931

How to Top-up for more Data

  • For the $1/100MB: Text 100MB to 3282
  • For the $10/1GB: Text 1GB to 3282

How to Change your Plan

  • Text the following to 3282 to change your plan:
    • For the 7 Day Plan text: Plan 7D
    • For the $1.50/Day Plan text: Plan 100MB
    • For the $2/Day Plan text: Plan 200MB
    • For the $2.50/Day Plan text: Plan 1GB

To Cancel Any Prepaid Plan

  • Text CANCEL to 3282.

You will receive an auto reply text message confirming request:

  • "Your request for PLAN XXX XX which includes daily unlimited voice and SMS with XXXXX data has been activated". To avoid disruption, please continue to add load to your balance. To cancel your plan, text CANCEL to 3282. Thank you for using IT&E.

Note: All Prepaid request and prepaid charges will take effect immediately.