Rockit Share

Share Prepaid Load with a simple text with your Rockit Prepaid or Postpaid account. You can send prepaid load to other Rockit Prepaid subscribers or ANY Prepaid Carrier in the Philippines.

Text to 555 with the message containing the U.S. Dollar Amount, the area code/country code+the prepaid number you wish to send to.

(local sharing sample for sending $3: 3 6716783628)
(Philippine sample message for $1.50: 1.50 639989123456)

Rockit Share (Load Sharing) enables IT&E prepaid and post paid subscribers to send airtime credit to other IT&E prepaid users in Guam, CNMI as well as any prepaid subscriber in the Philippines.

Simply send a text message to 555 listing the U.S. Dollar amount and area code/country code+prepaid number you wish to send it to. (Local sharing sample message: 3 6716783628) (Philippine sample message: 1.50 639989123456)

Local sharing (IT&E sub to IT&E sub) can avail of $3, $5, $10, $15, & $20 denominations. Sharing to Philippine subs can avail of $1.50(50Php), $4.50(150Php), $9(300Php), & $15(500Php) denominations.

You will need to see an IT&E customers service representitive and sign up for rockit share. Postpaid subscribers are limited to $20 per line per month with no more than 3 lines per account.

No. Local sharing can only be made between IT&E subscribers.